Second Tom Nixon Memorial Fly Swap, 2004

Tyer: Allan Fish, Greenwood, IN
Tyer: Michael Morris, Ashland MA
Brim Streamer
Tyer: John Ridderbos, Kalamazoo, MI
Cooney Coachman
Tyer: Joshua Shock, Fayetteville, AR
CPB Streamer
Tyer: Mark Delaney, Lake Charles, LA
Crawfish Impersonator
Tyer: Kevin Slater, Des Moines, IA
Deep Black
Tyer: Buster Wolfe, West Monroe, LA
Eric the Red
Tyer: Steve Clark, Moreno Valley, CA
Gill Getter
Tyer: William Brown, South Euclid, OH
Tyer: Tony Spezio, Flippin, AR
Jeremiah Nymph 2
Tyer: Jeff Frye, Lawrence, KS
Montana Nymph
Tyer: Rick Zieger, Lamoni, IA
Tyer: David Duffy, Spruce Pine, NC
Tyer: Alan DiSomma, Phoenix, AZ
White-Tail Black Gnat Palmer
Tyer: Joseph Cornwall, Cincinnati, OH

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