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Second Tom Nixon Memorial Fly Swap, 2004

Crawfish Impersonator

Originator: Tom Nixon

Originator: Tom Nixon

Tail: Four olive green saddle hackle tied splayed
Body: Medium size olive green chenille, tied in at bend of hook and wound forward to eye and tied off. At the same tie-in point at the bend of the hook a strand o medium yellow chenille is tied in on the bottom of the hook
Hackle: 4 or 5 long olive green saddle hackles. Wind all but one saddle hackle forward separately and tie off at the head. Tie the yellow chenille under the hook to form as the belly. Wind the last saddle hackle forward and tie off.
Head: Black tying thread
Hook: No. 2 3 XL regular weight wire with ringed or turned up eye
Weight: 13 turns of .015" diameter lead wire wound on hook shank prior ro application of body

Tyer: Kevin Slater, Des Moines, IA

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