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Survey form for Contraband Fly Casters Club

Please copy and paste the survey below into your e-mail program and send the completed e-mail to an X beside your choices for the multiple choice questions and fill in answers for the rest.

Name of respondent ______________________________

Phone number __________________________________

  1. Are you still interested in the Contraband Fly Casters Club?

    1. _____Yes
    2. _____No

  2. How many times a year do you think the club should meet?

    1. _____Every month
    2. _____Every other month
    3. _____Quarterly with dinner-type (fish fry) meetings at special events (casting clinics, fly tying instruction, etc.)

  3. Should a flytying session be held with every meeting?

    1. _____Yes
    2. _____No

  4. What types of special events (more than one answer is acceptable) should the club hold?

    1. _____Casting clinics
    2. _____Fly tying instruction
    3. _____Yearly conclave featuring guest speakers and special events (auction, etc.)
    4. _____Local fishing trips with club members for an afternoon/Saturday
    5. _____Trips to other locations (e.g. the Little Red or Mountain Fork for trout fishing )
    6. _____Other (please specify):________________________________________________________________________
  5. How often do you think the club newsletter should be published?

    1. _____Monthly
    2. _____Bimonthly
    3. _____Quarterly

  6. What would you like to see in the newsletter? (More than one answer is acceptable)

    1. _____Fishing reports
    2. _____Fly patterns
    3. _____Articles by members and non/members
    4. _____News affecting the outdoors
    5. _____Calendar of flyfishing relatd events
    6. _____Other (please specify)

  7. How would you prefer your newsletter to be delivered?

    1. Via US mail
    2. Via e-mail (in pdf format, i.e. read by Adobe Acrobat Reader)

  8. Do you have an e-mail address at which we may contact you? Your e-mail address will not be sold or made available to anyone except for Contraband Fly Caster business.

    E-mail address: _______________________________________________________________________

  9. Were you aware of the club webpage at

    1. _____Yes
    2. _____No

  10. What would you like on the club webpage? (More than one answer is acceptable)

    1. _____Meeting announcements
    2. _____Calendar of fly fishing events nearby in Louisiana & Texas
    3. _____Fishing reports
    4. _____Fly patterns
    5. _____Links to other flyfishing sites
    6. _____Information on guides
    7. _____Archive of newsletters and conclave flyers
    8. _____Other (please specify)

  11. What club activities of those mentioned (or that you mentioned) previously would you be most likely to participate in?

  12. Do you have any suggestions for the direction the club should develop?

  13. Are you interested in club merchandise, such as a hat or T-shirt with the Contraband Fly Casters logo?
    1. _____Yes
    2. _____No

  14. Do you have any questions that we may answer? We will attempt to find out as soon as possible and get you the information, if we don't know it immediately. E-mail your questions to

    Thank you for answering our questions. The survey will be invaluable in assisting the development of the club.